Monday, September 19, 2011

Timing Belt change for a honda civic?

i just got a new car a few months ago and its a 2003 honda civic lx and i think it has almost 90,000 miles on it, most of which i think are highway. when is the timing belt recommended to be changed, i know its probably overdue but what is the %26quot;official number%26quot; and how much longer can i wait to have it changed?Timing Belt change for a honda civic?then odesey is recomended at 105 and the civic is recomended at 110Timing Belt change for a honda civic?It's best to call honda sevice to ask that question.Timing Belt change for a honda civic?most people dont change theirs until around 120kTiming Belt change for a honda civic?honda says 105,000 for a timing belt change.

this is very high. reason is honda wants to make their cars sound like they don't need lotsa maintenance.

I usually recommend 80,000 miles no matter what.

you don't need to goto the dealer for this, any repair shop can do a timing belt job.Timing Belt change for a honda civic?i have always heard 80,000 miles, and given the fact that it is an interference engine, i would not push my luck. i dont think that freeway or around town makes any difference in this situation.