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Timing Belt replacement cost?


I went did a regular car service (Minor). Thought it's going be a easy service which won't take long... and then he called and told me i need to get my %26quot;Timing Belt%26quot; changed...

He said it's quite important and urgent, so i asked him for the quote... and it was $850 including labor, so i said i might have a think about it for now.

So i went online and browse around and saw most of the timing belt cost about AUD$100+- which is far far away from the quote? Would the other $750 be labor...?!?!?

Can someone tell me was the quote over priced? or that's the standard charge? Also i live near Sydney City, if anyone could suggest any other places i can change my timing belt with a lower cost that would be greatly appreciated!!! Also how much would it normally cost to replace a new timing belt? Do i really need to change it? How do i know when i need to change it?

PS: I've got a 1998 Toyota Camery (140,000 km)

Cheers!Timing Belt replacement cost?Timing belts are very important. They control the valves in relation to the pistons in your engine. If the timing belt should break the pistons can run into the valves which would break your engine in ways that would be VERY expense We are talking Replacement cost of 2000-3500 USD. Your car has about twice the mileage on it that timing belts should be replaced. The estimate that you have seems reasonableTiming Belt replacement cost?You were probably looking at estimates for accessory drive belts (alternator, a/c compressor and power steering pump) You need your timing belt replaced which is a totally different belt, it keeps internal parts of your engine at the right place at the right time (valve timing)....if it breaks, your car will not run. $850 seems about right depending on the motor (2.2L or the v6) and also if they are replacing the water pump, idler, and tentioner pulleys, and the oil seals (cam, crank, and oil pump) at the same time which is always a good idea.

Good luck!Timing Belt replacement cost?I would get a quote from the Toyota dealer to compare and make note of all the other services it includes. Often times (but not always) the shops that give you better deals are often leaving out other things that should be replaced/repaired with the timing belt and may cut corners.Timing Belt replacement cost?They will charge labour + consumables (coolent, oil, grease ect.) + parts that you prob dont need but by the book needs to be done also. So yes you are gettin ripped off. The place i worked charged around about 350 to change a timing belt and 500 for timing chain becoz theres a little more involved. Shop around or find someone whose handy.
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  • I took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me&said that it might be the timing belt?

    I told them that I have had the truck for 8 years %26amp; NEVER changed the timing belt because I thought that it had a chain instead of a belt. I asked them how much it would be to replace it - I never asked them to replace it.I did sasy %26quot;Do not take anything apart yet, I made that very clear%26quot; They said that it would cost a total of $150 to see if it was the belt - I said well it probably is because it has NEVER been changed in 8 years, so just give me a quote on how much it is for the belt to be replace before you do anything else, because I had just lost my job.Well they took the thing apart %26amp; said ooops something else is wrong, not the belt.Well nothing was fixed, they did MORE then I said that they could %26amp; now they want $265! I told them to stop at $70 %26amp; they didn't, what do I do now? I went %26amp; picked up my truck 3 nights ago and they just noticed today that it was gone.I say $70 they say $265 what can I do?!They say I have 3 days to pay or else,I said or else what?They said just or elseI took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?Turn this around on them; report them to the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce.

    If there is a %26quot;watchdog%26quot; agency in your state, report it to them as well, and file a complaint.

    In California, the agency is the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Automotive Repair. It is administered by the State's Attorney General's office

    For future reference, when dealing with a repair facility, if they don't offer a WRITTEN estimate, one that you either sign or initial, drive away and don't leave your car.

    In all states, the shop has a right of %26quot;Mechanic's Lien%26quot;, and it can be levied against you so that the car cannot be sold, or in some states, even licensed or insured.

    Happy MotoringI took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?I am not sure about what was writeen here, or signed, or anything like that. but I BELIEVE that if you didnt sign anything, thy cannot come after you for the money. How can they proove that you said its ok for them to do all that stuff, especially if you didnt. I think there just calling your bluff, good luck.I took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?I would let them know that I never agreed to fixing it and if they have documentation indicating that I agreed to all these repairs with my signature, then I would like to see it. Other than that you will be happy to pay the $70 that is owed by you. Regarding your address, they can look it up by the registered owners address by the vin %26amp; license plate info they probably took down for their computer records. I'm suprised they didn't get your signature for the repairs before they completed them. I'm sure they won't do that again. ;)I took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?Here's the deal with the timing belt: if there's a problem with it, your truck will either not run, or run so badly that you couldn't drive it anywhere. A timing belt will either break or slip a tooth and it will go bad immediately, not get gradually worse over time. If your truck didn't go from just fine one minute to barely running the next, it's not the timing belt and they should know that.

    If your truck is still not running right, you need to take it to a better mechanic. My expertise is maintenance, not law, but I think you owe them no more than the $150 you agreed to for further diagnostic work. If it were me I'd offer them $100 and tell them they're lucky to get that because I still need the money to pay a REAL mechanic, you know, the kind who FIXES things.I took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?I can't think of any truck with a timing belt.If you got your vehicle,then just stay away from those people.If by chance they find the truck and try ANYTHING,you just go ahead and call the police.The so-called service they did cannot be charged to you without a signed work order.Stand firm.I took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?You can bet they have your license plate number. Call the better business bureau. Thenyou'll be one step ahead.I took my truck in for a diagnostic that was to be $70, they called me%26amp;said that it might be the timing belt?Pay the damn bill, you should have never taken the truck without talking to them anyway. besides, what does 70 dollars pay for anyway? What ever they did, if its fixed, just honer it and put it down to experience, there is no way your belt or chain would cause problems, its either working or not, so most likely in this case, they are telling the truth, and that not like me to say that. Just pay them and move on. Serious, the belt or chain, if it goes, it goes, and you would know about it, if the truck worked when you took it too them, it where definitely not the belt. Edx

    How many miles can I go before I change oil synthetic blend?

    I have a 10-year old V6 Honda Accord with 225K miles. I use the 1/2 real, and 1/2 synthetic oil. So how many miles can I go before I change the oil?

    BTW, my Honda Accord gives me NO problems after nearly a quarter of a million miles. The only thing I have had to do is change a timing belt, and the regular maintenance.How many miles can I go before I change oil synthetic blend?I know it sounds simple, but I think the correct answer is, %26quot;When it gets dirty%26quot;. A lot depends on how well filtered your oil is, how hard you drive, what kind of shape your piston rings are in, the gasoline and additives you might be using (or what's included in the gasoline). Just because synthetics are tough and long lasting, does not mean that they can't get too dirty and cause problems as a result. For my truck, that's between 3,000 and 4,000 miles. When in doubt, pull out the dipstick and lay it on a paper towel. You'll see what I mean.How many miles can I go before I change oil synthetic blend?Do not fall for that every 3000 mile, BS. 15 years ago, Consumer Report did a test using a fresh rebuilt fleet of New York city cabs. Even they did not need oil changes more than 6000 miles. Mobile One advertises 15000 mile interval. Amsoil has 25000 miles or 1 year. Longer if you add a special filter system and test it every year. Amsoil's cheapest synthetic is designed for 7500 miles which is what many new car manufactures recommend under ideal conditions. I would stick with 6 or 7000 miles with that blend. Did you know that the only real synthetic oils are Mobil One and Amsoil? The others start out with petroleum base and chemically modify it. Does that sound like a real synthetic? Of course that is according to the %26quot;petroleum%26quot; manufactures group.How many miles can I go before I change oil synthetic blend?Well this advice comes direct from a UK site which is a Major manufacture for many of the well known synthetic motor oils. Here you can find out all you need to know about synthetic oils, ask question's %26amp; so much more.

    I would not go to because they you can beat they will recommend there own synthetic oil %26amp; you can be sure it will cost you far more.

    As for the AA %26amp; RAC or Society of Motor manufacturers well you will find nothing but biased advice there.

    This site below is factual, free, un - biased, even if you can't find the answer you need you can post a message %26amp; they will email you back, no cost!How many miles can I go before I change oil synthetic blend?You would want to replace your oil about every 3,500 miles since your car has high mileage. good luck

    How long does it take to change a 1988 ford ranger timing belt?

    Professionals should be able to do a timing belt in less than 2 hours. A home mechanic will probably take about 4hrs.How long does it take to change a 1988 ford ranger timing belt?i can do it in about 1 hour but it depends on the person chiltons says 4 hours and that is what a shop will charge you for

    Timing belt replacement?

    Hello, Im the second owner of a VW jetta 1.8T, I got it when it had 98K miles on it, now I have it on 110K, I guess I need to change the timing belt, but the questions is how trustworthy is to bring it to a local repair center?

    I did an estimated on the dealer and they mentioned it will be around $750, while the local repair center estimated at $450. Which one should I go for?Timing belt replacement?if you don't know your way around an engine DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS REPAIR YOURSELF. if you install the belt incorrectly it can cause catastrophic failure when you try to start the engine. you could wind up doing a lot of damage to the pistons and valves and ultimately wind up replacing the engine.

    for an experienced mechanic it is simple to change a timing belt. check with your local better business bureau to find out if the shop you plan to take it to has had any complaints and speak to the shop to find out what kind of guarantee they have on their work. if they can't guarantee it, they probably don't know what they're doing.

    it is fairly typical of a dealer to charge more for repairs than a local shop, because they always use flat rate billing (that sometimes charges more than once for the same portion of a repair), and often times they charge a higher hourly rate. local repair shops don't try to rip you off on the billing because your business is their only business, whereas the dealership makes most of its money selling cars and doing warranty work, and couldn't care less how their repair department is doing for outside business. with a local shop your biggest concern should be whether they will tamper with something else to force you to return for more repairs. that's why you need to check the better business bureauTiming belt replacement?get a manual and do it your self save 75%Timing belt replacement?well the one doing it for 450 might be a good deal but theres a chance he might not do everything, while the one for 750 might do some machining and such to make your car run better and make sure everything is ok. just go ask them what all your paying for.Timing belt replacement?I just went through this with my escort. I paid a guy 750 to do the timing belt, water pump and heater core. A year later, heater core went out again and the timing belt, and thus the water pump.

    I paid another shop 499 to replace the water pump and timing belt. My car is not 0 clearance so there was no damage to the engine when the timing belt shredded.

    Yes, I got ripped off. Can run your question on Craigs list as there are some pretty good backyard mechanics who can help and their fees really do fluctuate.Timing belt replacement?dude, buy your timing belt kit at

    go on vwvortex, and search for a vw guru in your area.

    i got my timing belt, water pump, thermostat, coolant flushed, serpentine belt, replaced for around 500

    if you're from westchester county ny or fairfield county ct, i know a guy who works on vw for reasonable priceTiming belt replacement?The Dealers have a much higher shop rate than independent shops. The parts are cheap, most of the cost is labor. The prices you list are typical, about 750 at the dealers and around 450 at a local shop. If you trust the local shop and they have a good reputation for doing quality work, get it done there and save a lot.

    How much does it cost to change a water and timing belt on a 98 eclipse GS-T?

    Depends on who you get your parts from, and who does your work. If you get your parts from Auto Zone and do the work yourself, you are looking at around $300, give or take a few. That's doing it the right way...replacing your balance shaft belt, new tensioners, new idler pulley, new timing belt. Take it to a mechanic shop, and you're liable to get a $800-$1000 receipt. Hope that helped a little, and good luck.How much does it cost to change a water and timing belt on a 98 eclipse GS-T?500.How much does it cost to change a water and timing belt on a 98 eclipse GS-T?I'm a mechanic in puerto rico and i can bill you $200 for the work and you get the parts but the mechanic in US are really expensive

    the mechanic hour cost around $80 in the states so that's a 5 hours of work, 400 something like that
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  • Cost to replace timing belt?

    My boyfriend's '03 Honda Civic is a few thousand past 100,000 miles and we need to change the timing belt before it goes. We are also leaving for an 800 mile trip on sunday and we can't leave till this is taken care of. If it helps, we live in Jacksonville, NC. Would it be best to go to the dealership? Also, how long will we be without his car do you think?

    Any info would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!Cost to replace timing belt?Mine wasnt change till 170,000 MIles i think its not required till 200K but not 100% Sure but anyways U should also change ur Water Pump but again its not required

    %26amp; U can go to a mechanic n they should b able to do it cus a honda dealership will charge out the A just for a water pmp change n yes the car should b ok for another 800 miles make sure his car is top off in all level's

    ex: Brake Fluid // Steering Fluid// Windshield Wiper// Antifreeze

    Also make sure his tires have good thread the penny test

    %26amp; LAst but not lest check the breaks %26amp; The Light work

    HAve a safe n fun road tripCost to replace timing belt?You don't have to take it to the dealer. Almost any qualified shop will be able to change the t-belt. You should replace the water pump, tensioner, and cam/crank seals if they're leaking as well. Also the a/c,p/s,and alt. belts will have to be removed in order to do the job, so if they are in bad shape have them replaced because there won't be any labor added for doing so. The total job depending on where you live usually ranges from 250-500. If your past 100.000 miles be sure to have it done asap because if the belt breaks the valves usually bend causing you to pay at least twice what you'll be paying to do it now. Good luck and hope this helps.