Monday, October 24, 2011

Timing Belt.... How much time?

I have a 2003 GTS Spyder.... the 60K service says to have the timing belt changed. I know this is important and have it scheduled for next week (at 70K mi now) Could it wait a few more weeks - a month or does it need to be done NOW?Timing Belt.... How much time?It can wait. I did my mom's 01' it had 85K on it and I inspected the belt very well and it had no stress marks at all. I think you should not worry to much. Japanese motors usually blow their timing belts around ++130k. Get ready to spend about $800. Get the water pump done too hopefully you know that it's behind the timing belt and it's better to get it done now. Also replace the thermostat they go bad around 60K get the one from the factory it cost about $25 it's better then the crap at auto zone. It's good that your doing your maintenance most people ignore it completely. If you have any questions fell free I've worked on that car for 7 years now.