Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to change timing belt on peugeot 306 meridian?

I'm having trouble finding /locating the place to insert a bolt through the block to hold crankshaft in position as oil filter seems to be in the way - has anyone else done this?How to change timing belt on peugeot 306 meridian?I have photos of this for you. Taken on a TU engine in a 205, very similar to the 306 TU engine. Here come the photos. OIL FILTER is far away!? !

''tensioning the belt%26quot; is easy IF you have a thumb and a forefinger. If you can turn the new belt 90 degrees between thumb and forefinger, it is GOOD. Farther? = too loose. Professional mechanics I know, use their fingers and NOT a special tool. Change the tensioner at the same time, let it do the work!


Ten mm shiny bolt in camshaft pulley. Into the head. Remove old belt little by little after blocking the flywheel (second photo) and loosening the tensioner, see third photo;



Engine block to flywheel. Use a 6mm bolt. Oil filter is 8 inches to the left. Bolt goes in one full inch! Slightly wiggle flywheel if necessary with a 22mm socket on the crankshaft end bolt. Wiggle very slightly!!



The tensioner with a square bar inserted. EASY to adjust! Again, notice the 10mm bolt in the upper right corner of photo. This prevents changing position of camshaft.


I have dozens of photos while changing the entire head. Just ask if you need something else.How to change timing belt on peugeot 306 meridian?From your question you are light years away from the correct method. Invest in a Haynes manual - 20 Halfords, before you do any damage. Incidentally you will either have to buy a tensioning tool from a dealer or get them to tension the belt. It can't be done safely any other way.